Torino Dining Table by BoConcept

Simple, functional and elegant in design, the Torino Dining Table by BoConcept is a contemporary dining table suitable for any modern dining space. Whether you live in a small apartment or a bigger family home, this table offers beautiful design and versatility to all. Finished with a white matt lacquered surface, light simply bounces off it and reflects back into the space around your room. It’s stream-lined 90 degree straight edges allow another table to be joined onto it giving the appearance of one seamless piece. The simplicity of the design makes it practical for entertaining or everyday use.

Torino Dining Table - BoConcept Sydney

The Torino dining table with a narrow table top will fit even if the dining area is limited. The white surface will bounce the light around and make small places seem bigger, while the clean lines will help make the room feel less crowded. The legs joins together beautifully, when two tables are placed beside each other. The legs are placed on corners, giving the maximum free space around the table and the option to freely place dining chairs. The footprint of the Torino legs is a droplet shape that transforms into a leg. This creates a clearly defined yet organic design with outstanding stability. The contour of the legs bears reference to the wings of a wind mill, shaped to create dynamic force.

Torino modern dining table - BoConcept Sydney

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