How to style the Chiva 3-in-1 coffee table

How useful is a coffee table? Learn how to style the Chiva ‘3-in-1’ coffee table from BoConcept, which scores big on style and functionality. It has 3 different storage areas and the tabletop transforms into a desktop! Here we’ll show you how to style it to perfection.


BoConcept Chiva storage coffee table


Have you ever looked at your living room area and wondered if you do really need that designer coffee table? Or do you wonder if the size just takes up too much space considering the low level of practicality it offers? Well, if you have ever thought this, then you may want to consider another option, the Chiva coffee table. Designed to offer maximum practicality, this isn’t just a coffee table in the traditional sense. The third compartment is cover by a contrasting tempered glass tabletop, which opens to the other compartment. So you can use the table as a desktop for your laptop, for reading or just putting a cup of coffee on at a more accessible position from your sofa.

Customisation options



Available in a range of colours and finishes including espresso oak veneer, walnut veneer and lacquered white. The brushed steel legs are also customizable, offering a choice of 2 leg orientations, one with a four-prong base and the other with 90degree bars at either end of the table. Similarly the glass comes in a choice of white or charcoal grey, you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Here are 5 tips for styling the Chiva coffee table:

  1. Divide your table into sections
  2. Choose different textured objects, go with a tonal colour palette
  3. Choose greenery that’s simple and coordinates nicely with your items
  4. Show off your books, you can even use a weight to hold one open
  5. Don’t put too many things on your table, keep it functional


BoConcept accessories used for coffee table styling:

Icing dish

Combi vase

Facet sculpture

Silver hippo

Flowers: Anenomes

Discover our full range of modern dining tables online or visit one of our Sydney furniture stores in either Crows Nest or Moore Park, to see them for yourself. Or talk to one of our in store interior designers any day of the week, who are always happy to offer practical purchasing advice, customization options or provide a BoConcept in home consultation for you.

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