Dining Tables – Incavo Square Dining Table Glossy Dark Grey

Product Description

Materials: glossy polyurethane with anodised aluminium details and clear glass

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  • The Incavo square dining table features a striking, modern look with a clear glass feature in the middle and anodised aluminium accents on the surface and the inside of the legs to give the table a modern aesthetic
  • The generous size can seat up to 8 comfortably, and is suited to an open plan dining area, or a large dining room
  • The glass feature in the centre can be used for decorative items, under the glass, or Vases can be displayed with a wonderful effect on top of the glass.
  • The Incavo can be complemented by coffee tables, side tables and console tables from the same range, and is also available in a rectangle version.


Table Size Guide:

1380 x 1380mm: 4-8 people
Internal Construction: Australian MDF with Italian Polyurethane paint finish (6 coats, 3 base coats, 3 top coats); anodised aluminium leg inners, surface details and leg plates, metal fixings, clear glass, plastic leg caps.
Other Options: Incavo GDG Rectangle
Other Colours: Glossy White, Walnut Black, Black Birdseye Veneer

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