Dining Tables – Midollo Glossy Beige Round Dining Table with Beige Glass

DINING-ROOM-FURNITURE-MIDOLLO-GLOSSY-BEIGE-ROUND-DINING-TABLE-WITH-BEIGE-GLASSIf you’re one to be social, the stylish Midollo dining table is for you! The round table top means that you can chat away comfortably, while the size makes it easy for up to 8 people to gather around. The inlaid glass display gives the design a refined and polished look, perfect for contemporary interiors.

Materials: Glossy Polyurethane, Complementing Italian Colour backed glass ‘lazy susan’ and anodised aluminium details


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  • The Midollo is a spectacular entertainers table, the largest of our round tables, it comfortably seats up to 8 people, with a significant pedestal style base, and an inlaid glass lazy susan
  • The table surface features anodised aluminium channels cutting the round surface into quarters, this visually reduces the overall size of the table, and gives it a modern, square edge, contrasted by the perfect glass circle in the centre. The base of the table reflects the aluminium channelling
  • The proportions of the dining tablemeans it is suited to a large room or an open plan room, it will become the anchoring element of the dining room and a place to gather with family and friends

Table Size Guide:

1600mm diameter: up to 8 people

Internal Construction: Australian MDF with Italian Polyurethane paint finish (Glossy PU has 6 coats of PU- 3 UV base plus 3 top); Honeycombed MDF internal table top construction; Solid timber frame leg internal; Anodised Aluminium; Plastic caps on the bottom of the legs.

Other Colours: Glossy White, Glossy Dark Grey

Colour Sample: Please Contact Usto request a colour sample

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