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Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are ideal for larger households as they usually take up quite abit of space in the dining area. Rectangular dining tables can also accommodate for up to 6 or sometimes even 8 guests. Dining Tables are an important factor in every home as this is where most of the meals take place and the family gets together to socialise. Choose from a wide range of modern rectangular dining tables in different styles, materials and colours to best fit your current dining room décor. You can also check out different leg designs and find the ones that fit your taste. .

Buy Rectangular Dining Tables Online

The rectangular dining tables listed here are from associated furniture retailers. Most of these rectangular dining tables will direct you to the furniture retailer in which you can either purchase from their online store, or visit one of their furniture stores located across Sydney. The modern rectangular dining tables listed here are delivered all across the Sydney region, depending on the furniture retailer, certain conditions may apply.

Rectangular dining tables

Ottawa modern dining table Sydney

Ottawa Dining Table by BoConcept

Defined by smooth, rounded edges and a sensual minimalism, the Ottawa dining table by BoConcept creates a serene atmosphere in your dining …

Milano modern dining table

Milano Dining Table by BoConcept

The Milano metropolitan Dining table by BoConcept features an intelligent design along with perfect proportion and innovative details. Combine beauty with quality, …

Torino modern conference table

Torino Conference Table by BoConcept

The Torino conference table by BoConcept is the ultimate piece of furniture for the corporate world. It features an elegant Scandinavian style …

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